Monday, August 10, 2009

Shoulder Update – August 10th

Shoulder Update – August 10th

Wow, I have to say it again. Med Tech is amazing these days. I had my follow up visit with Dr Craig Weil today and the pics that he scoped of me were amazing. The bad news was that it was me. I had total detached and shredded my rotator cuff and my bicep ligament from my shoulder bone. I also had a couple bone spurs. Dr Weil has done his part. The rest is up to the good Lord, my body, and being smart about by rehab (and being careful).

I start rehab on Saturday. The forecast is 5-6 weeks of mobility therapy before I can start any kind of strength building (which will need to last 6 weeks to 3 months).

Depending on how everything goes, If I am lucky I will be on flat-water again by Christmas. If not, it will be several months.

Stay tuned and keep me in your prayers.