Friday, July 24, 2009

Rotator Cuff Surgery Went Well Today

My thanks to Dr. Craig Weil for what appears to be a successful surgery. Craig is very well respected as in the local sports community and is regarded being one of the best surgeons in the region:

It turns out that I had a bad tear to my cuff and had also torn the bicep (at the point of attachment). Although he started off with a scope, Dr Weil ended up having to open me up to repair everthing. I will get the complete scoop on everything Dr. Weil did and what to expect once I start rehab...... stay tuned

Monday, July 13, 2009

Post FIBArk Injury Update - July 13

Although I knew I may have sustained a pretty serious rotator cuff injury I intentionally scheduled my MRI for 2 days after I arrived back from FIBArk. Well, it was not a surprise when they told me I have torn my cuff (and torn it from my shoulder) in more ways than I know to describe. My doc (Dr Craig Weil) is having me sign of off all 4 possible types of repairs than he can make to a rotator cuff and figures he will make at least 3 of the 4. He also thinks there is a strong chance that he might have to open me up to be able to tack everything down.

In some ways I feel very fortunate. This is my first serious injury paddling in a lifetime of agressive sports.

In the meantime, I’m a hurting puppy. And the even more painful part is the unknown. Will I ever be able to paddle again or is this the end of an era for me? How about whitewater? What about racing? What about next years World Championships? Will I be prepared or is it going just a pipe dream?

My surgery is scheduled for July 24th. I’m going to take each day at a time after that.

Keep me in your prayers.


USA Nationals and FIBArk - June 13 - 2009

USA Nationals and FIBArk
June 13 - 2009

For me, any trip to FIBArk boils down to two events, my play time in the mountains and FIBArk .

My play time in the mountains was a blast. Lynn and I arrived on Sat pm (June 13th) and had Sun-Monday to hike. So we hit several of our favorites.

On Saturday we hiked Mt Elbert up to about 13.5k which is enough to see from the Leadville area to Howard. WOW, what a feeling of being on tope of the word.

On Monday we hiked the Alpine Tunnel Trail about 6 miles Northwest of St Elmo with the O’Sullivans. Tierney and Bailey were real troopers but it was pretty obvious why we are such huge fans of Keen boots.. For day hikes, I’m a huge fan of the Targhee Mid level boots so I can bomb down trails without worry about twisting or dinging up my ankles.

Lynn is a big fan of the lower cut Targhee II hiker as she wants something that is light like an elite running shoe but has boot properties.

But either way, the functional beauty of our books became quickly apparent at the day wore on and we crossed snow on the trail and easy boulder fields.

Lynn and I also hit Agnes Vail Falls and other local attractions in the region such as Cottonwood Pass.

The rest of the event was FIBArk and USA Nationals. I’d done a pretty through job of documenting the races and results on The links you will want to see are:

Without a doubt, FIBArk did a heck of a job hosting the events.

On a personal level, I’ve heard the rumblings that it must have been disappointing for me to race C-2 and not win the USA National Championships. Well, while that has only happened a something like 3 other times, I don’t feel that way. That’s sports! The other C-2 teams were all quite good this year. Both Roehner/Baker and Bortz/Wiegand were very solid and I was happy to have gotten the chance to compete with them.

The only disappointment for me was the injury I sustained prior to the event. As a result, I only raced the C-2 event in order to fulfill my C-2 commitments at Nationals and only raced the FIBArk 10 mile downriver race in C-1.