Monday, March 28, 2011

US OPEN - Nantahala River - March 26-27

US OPEN - Nantahala River - March 26-27
New Faces for our Sport and a new Personal Record for me!!!

The NOC always puts on a great race and this weekend was no exception. I have also come to love the Format of the US Open (although I think we could improve on Patton's Run as a sprint course).

We had several new racers at the event. I am extremely impressed with Rick Thompson and Fransheka Barretto who both did quite well in their first race. It was great to see some new Juniors at the event which also served as the East Junior Team Trails.
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On a personal level I had mixed results. My left shoulder (yep the one I injured, had surgery on, and rehabbed, perhaps only to put another tear in? is acting up). So I held back in Sprint race through Patton's run. Candidly I hate Patton's as it is primarily shoulder ripping shallow gravel bar followed by a shallow rapid with tendon ripping consequences. So I held back an turned in a what may be a life time slow against the top kayaks (who have a huge advantage because they can plane up across the shallows).

Sunday was different. My training took over and I set a PERSONAL RECORD of 11:55 in the Classic Race. I have never broken 12:00 before and my time in 2006 (a banner year for me) was 12:20. In spite of my concerns on my shoulder, I had made up my mind to try and lay it out there in deeper water where I was not worried about hitting rock with my paddle tip. The weather cooperated and the river went up two-three inches which really helped in the shallows too.

Back to reality... I will be getting my shoulder looked at tomorrow by Dr Crag Weil. I would hate to give up the sport I love... but heck, I could learn to paddle flatwater in an Epic V-12 K-1 if I had too.