Monday, March 29, 2010

Team Trials March 27-28 (I am back)

Our Team Trials were a blast. It was pure joy to be back racing. Chris Hipgrave and the NOC/NRC always run a great race and this year was no exception.

Tom Wier is “the one to watch” at this years World Championship in Sort Spain. Tom continues to get faster. JP Bevilaqua has also improved by an incredible amount. I’m hopeful he will make it to the Worlds. For the complete results, see the link at:

Overall I was very happy with my results at Team Trials. Just to be able to compete at the national level after my total shoulder blowout last May, and then surgery, recovery and the whole rehab process in 8 months is a God-send.

The challenge for me is that much of my training over the past year was not specific to wildwater or was at a lower intensity. The net result is that I have dropped about 3-5% in speed vs where I was in 2006. The other challenge is that I am not sure just how hard I can train or if I am Ocoee ready (and not hurt my every progressing shoulder).

I think the proper perspective for me is that I’m back to within 95-97% of where I was. How neat is that!!!!

I’ll take a few more days and pontificate going to the Sort Worlds. For me, I don’t know that it’s worth it given the fact that I likely won’t be 100%. In any case, I’ve met my athletic goal for 2010….by the grace of God, a great surgeon, rehab and hard work… I am back!!!