Monday, September 7, 2009

Things are Starting to Look Promising !!!!

My six week post surgery check up on Sept 3rd with Dr Weil went very well overall. While I have been working hard at therapy, I have been careful not to injure myself. The 2-3 times where I have overdone it since surgery were apparently just painful reminders to tone it down a notch.

The scary part is that I did see a deep look of concern on Dr. Weil’s face when he was flipping back through my surgery photos. He said “just seeing the pictures reminded him of how bad my shoulder was (before surgery) and gave him the willies”.

As a result, Dr Weil and his head is head nurse really stressed to me just how important it is to continue to be extremely careful at this point in my recovery. I have 3 more weeks of flexibility therapy left before I can start light strengthening. Also they warned me “not to even think about touching any weights” for another 3 weeks.

But I know from talking to other patients and the therapists that I’m doing quite well overall. The good news is that my range of mobility is coming back fast. By the end of the appointment, Dr. Weil used words like “awesome” and “incredible” to describe my progress.

The Atlanta Falcons Physical Therapy Center has taken the great work that Dr Weil did and have really helped me progress. Marcus Hutchinson (at the E. Cobb branch) is world class and I have known him since he helped me rehab a dislocated (right) shoulder after the 2003 World Cups. Of course, everyone on the Falcons staff is incredibly qualified and I am thrilled to have them coaching me through this.

It looks like I will be able to reach my goal of being back on flatwater by Christmas.